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Substance abuse is widely spread in the workplace environment and has direct effects on a company’s productivity and working atmosphere. In view of this, we offer systematic in-company measures for prevention and early recognition of addiction disorders as well as single case support.

Tagrid Leménager
Madlen Sell

PD Dr Tagrid Leménager

PhD Psychology
(University of Mannheim)

Since 2001 Research Fellow at the Central Institute of Mental Health
Since 2011 Addiction Prevention Referee
Since 2015 Head of Research Group

Dr. med. Madlen Sell, M. Sc.

MSc Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology
(University of Strasbourg)

2008–2011 Training in Psychotherapy in Freiburg i. Br.
2011–2018 Medical Studies at Heidelberg University
Since 2013 Freelance Clinical Activity as Psychologist
2018 Licence to practise as a doctor

  • Information about addictive behaviour and addiction disorders
  • Lectures and Workshops to convey a better understanding of development and progression of addiction disorders
  • Revision of existing occupational prevention programmes
  • Development of an in-company agreement on health management for employees at risk of addiction
  • Proven step programme for support of employees at risk of addiction
  • Scientifically based diagnostics
  • Organisation of corporate health action days including a personal risk-check
  • Anonymous consultation

We provide occupational health management in German, English and French. Charges by arrangement. Please contact us for a cost estimate.

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